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You would like to become an efficient, acknowledged professional

First, know that we very much value your participation.  DMG wishes to receive every new associate as well as possible to ensure successful assimilation.   We will also   establish a career plan based on the training that will allow you to continually adjust to your job, and to develop your skills so that you can flourish in our company.

You would like to grow, become multi-skilled, a manager, or even change your career

DMG remains very committed to developing the talent at the center of our company.  Our policy is to allow you to demonstrate your skills, to acquire new ones, to give you a chance, to trust you with increased responsibility, and, why not, to help you to become a manager or discover another career in logistics.  Therefore, you can start your career on a certain platform and then take advantage of your relationships in the field to become, for example, a supplier.  At DMG, mobility really does exist!

You would like to find yourself in a friendly and comfortable work environment

Be it in a warehouse or an office, DMG offers pleasant, modern premises on a special site.  Spaces are light, vast and comfortable and suitable for work.  Logistical equipment is new and well-maintained…The site enjoys 100 parking spaces that are available to you, as well as a catering hall with a ‘picnic’ feel, and dressing rooms.

Joining DMG means taking advantage of healthcare services and of contingencies to support your family in the event of incapacity, infirmity or death; of housing services; and a very active works council.

DMG, a company that is committed…

 ... Professional equality

The law for the freedom to choose one's professional future of September 5, 2018 provides that equal pay between women and men now responds to an obligation of results and no longer only to an obligation of means. Companies are thus required to measure their score in terms of equality using an index rated out of 100 based on four indicators (pay gap between women and men, the rate of individual increases, the percentage of employees with benefit from an increase in the year following the return from maternity leave, the number of employees of the under-represented sex among the 10 highest paid). By applying the calculation methodology defined by decree, the equal pay index is 74 points out of 100 for DMG. Corrective measures will be taken to reach the minimum of 75 within three years; they thus illustrate the process undertaken in favor of professional equality between women and men.



 Gender equality index

 ... Disability policy

Convinced that disability is not a barrier to skills, we are continuing our proactive policy on the professional integration of people with disabilities, which revolves around several axes:

  • Raising employee awareness of disability issues
  • Intervention of an "RQTH" support unit
  • Recourse to the protected and adapted sector,
  • Maintaining employment, with measures to adapt workstations,
  • Hiring directly or through partners of disabled workers.


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